Frontier Bowmen

Frontier Bowmen is Archery Club for Regina Saskatchewan. We have both an Indoor and Outdoor facility. We have Target shooters, doing 720s, or Indoor 600s. Or outdoor Field shoots and 3D Shoots.

2024 Club Memberships!

2024 Club Memberships are now available! Please see our Membership page for all info to the online registration form.

Membership TypeCost
Single Adult (16+) Membership$175
Primary Adult (18+) Family Membership$175
Primary Adult (18+) Family NonShooting Membership$65
Additional Adult Family Membership (16+)$120
Additional Youth Family Membership (2 – 15 years)$120
  • Current 2023 Memberships are good until Dec 31, 2023.
  • 2024 Memberships are good from now until Dec 31, 2024.


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