Due to the demand, we have extended our Regional Indoor Championship shoot to include a session on Saturday evening.  This session will have a 6:30pm Practice Time with a 7:30pm shooting start time.  This as well as the Sunday session are fully booked (with waiting lists).  Thank you to all those who tried to get in and are on the waiting list.  Demand to shoot was quite a bit higher than we had expected. 🙂

Saturday Shooting Times
* Lines 1A & 1B Practice @ 6:30pm
* Lines 1A & 1B Shoot @ 7:30pm

Sunday Shooting Times
* Lines 1A & 1B Practice @ 8:30am
* Lines 1A & 1B Shoot @ 9:30am

* Lines 2A & 2B Practice @ 1:30pm
* Lines 2A & 2B Shoot @ 2:30pm

* Lines 3A & 3B Practice @ 6:30pm
* Lines 3A & 3B Shoot @ 7:30pm

A reminder that proof of a valid SAA Membership is required upon registration.  Frontier Bowmen members, we have all of your SAA#s just in case you aren’t sure what they are.