The outdoor field range as well as the outdoor walking range are both located at the Regina Wildlife Federation.  This facility is located east of Regina (north of White City).

The use of these outdoor ranges requires a separate membership with the R.W.F..  Upon becoming a member, you are provided with a Prox card that allows access through the security gate.

Field range distances are 10m to 90m, while the walking range consists of 12 targets are various ranges.


RWF – FITA Field Range

RWF - Walking Field Range

RWF – Walking Field Range

General Archery Etiquette

  • Inspect your equipment prior to shooting.
  • Wait for others to stop shooting before you start approaching to retrieve your arrows.
  • When approaching the target area to retrieve arrows, care must be taken not to contact an arrow remaining in the target and be aware of other archers as they remove their arrows from a target.  The arrow may free up abruptly, so please be cautious.
  • Always ensure that the archery target area is clear before shooting commences.
  • Always face a target/wall when drawing a bow, never draw with anyone in front of you.
  • Shoot roughly the same amount of arrows as other archers on the line.
  • The Club is not responsible for the loss or breakage of your equipment while in use at the Club’s ranges.

Outdoor Rules & Etiquette

  • Regina Wildlife Federation membership is required (General Membership).
  • You are not allowed to shoot Crossbows, broadheads or other firearms on the FITA field range (the wide flat one), nor on the walking range.
  • If you took targets out of the shed, then ensure they are put back and the door securely closed.

Crossbows & Broadheads

The RWF has a dedicated crossbow and broadhead range located just west of the FITA field range.  This is the only location at the RWF that you can shoot crossbows or broadheads.  This range requires that you provide your own target.

RWF - Broadhead & Crossbow Range

RWF – Broadhead & Crossbow Range

If you notice any unsafe conduct, abuse of facilities or potential hazardous situations – attempt to resolve the situation immediately or report it promptly to a member of the Regina Wildlife Federation Executive (Phone: 306-359-7733).

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