Who We Are

We’re a small, fun club that relies heavily on volunteer work from our members to help maintain our club.  The activities of our club revolve entirely around our member’s willingness to help.  We have quite a few very experienced shooters, but have no dedicated archery teachers.  So we have no official archery classes that run on a weekly schedule.  In the past, some club members have provided private lessons, but that has always been negotiated between the members.  Most often new shooters will learn just by showing up while others are shooting.  That way, they can ask questions and get to meet up with the other great people in our club.

The club does run a Junior Olympic Program (JOP) for kids in the fall/winter.  The cost of the JOP weekly program is covered in your membership fees,  and there is a SAA/JOP $40.00 target fee collected at the time of registration, effective immediately.

Frontier Bowmen membership gives you access to the clubs facilities and also gives you an additional membership with Saskatchewan Archery Association (SAA), our Provincial Governing body as well as Archery Canada.  You will receive a SAA card, with a registration number, which will allow you to compete to achieve Provincial Archery Records, Canadian Archery Records and shoot in Provincial and National Championships.  You’re SAA number is also your Archery Canada number.  You will retain this number for life, while living in Saskatchewan.  SAA membership also provide liability insurance coverage through Archery Canada in the case of an archery related accident.

 Frontier Bowmen Yearly Membership Fees

First Adult Family Member (must be 16 years or older): $145.00

Per Additional Family Member: +$95.00

NOTE: All members must reside at the same physical address.
( Sorry, no prorate prices at this time.)

Minors require that their guardian also be a club member.  In this case, the cost would be $145 + $95 = $240.00.  Club membership runs from January 1st to December 31st of each year.  

Membership is not active until all member have a current SAA/Archery Canada membership.  SAA/Archery Canada membership can be purchased online at saskarchery.com

If you are looking to join, please email and we’ll make arrangements for someone to meet you at the range.

>> Frontier Bowmen Membership Form 2021 <<


Guest Shooting Rules

Sadly, due to insurance reasons, we do not have a “try before you join” option, nor do we have any Guest Shooting allowed.  All archers must be active members before they can use the archery facilities.  Guests may sit and watch, but are not allowed to shoot.

Please review the indoor range rules, before you consider joining.

Contact: archery.regina@gmail.com