Outdoor Mailmatch is a National Competition shot in the comfort of your own club! This competition takes place annually between June 1 and September 30. Due to the vast geography of our country, it can be difficult to attend all National competitions, but the desire to see where you stand against other Canadian Archers is still there. Mailmatch allows for this to happen without having to travel further than your local club. Each week an archer can submit one score, scores coming from a week running Monday to Sunday, and the average of your six top scores shot throughout the designated time period will be used to determine your final placing.

Register now for our outdoor Mail Match. Starting Thursday, June 9th at 6PM, we will meet at the outdoor range (Botkin’s) and shoot an outdoor round. Mail Match lasts until September 30th, and you only need 6 registered scores submitted to be eligible for awards.

Registration is only $40 for the season ($10 for Archery Canada, $30 for Frontier). Register at 2M here! You also will need to register the Archery Canada portion here.

More details can be found at Archery Canada’s site: https://archerycanada.ca/national-competitions/outdoor-mailmatch/